Spring 2018 Sale Open

If you own land on the South or West sides of Chicago, you can buy up to two vacant lots from the City of Chicago for $1 a lot. The lots must be on the same block as land you already own. Individuals and organizations can apply but churches are not eligible. Only one application will be accepted per property deed.

Applications will be accepted beginning May 01, 2018. The application period will end on July 21, 2018.

For more information, read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

The City has received 1250 applications.

1. Browse for and select up to two lots on your block

To get started:

  1. Enter your address above or browse the map to view available lots on your block
  2. Click on a lot on a green lot for details
  3. Select up to two lots for your application

Your selected lots:

Use the map above to search for and select the lot(s) you want to apply for, or enter the lot PIN if you already know it. You may apply for up to two lots.


Lot #1

Click on the correct PIN that appears in the dropdown, or paste the lot PIN, if you know it.
This field will autopopulate after you select or enter a valid PIN.
Chicago, IL
Please use 255 or fewer characters.

Lot #2

Click on the correct PIN that appears in the dropdown, or paste the lot PIN, if you know it.
This field will autopopulate after you select or enter a valid PIN.
Chicago, IL
Please use 255 or fewer characters.

2. Proof of ownership on the block


You'll need to upload a copy of your recorded deed to prove that you own property on the same block as the lot(s) you are applying to buy. You do not need to be a resident of the deeded property, but you must be its owner.

The name on your application and the address entered here must exactly match the name and address on your deed.

Chicago, IL

You can look up your pin on CookCountyPropertyInfo.com.

Upload your deed

Upload a copy or picture of your property deed.

  1. If you do have a paper copy handy, scan it or take a picture of the first page.
  2. If you don't have a copy, download it from the Cook County Recorder of Deeds for $4.00 or pick it up in person at 118 N Clark St.

1. Create an account on the Cook County Recorder of Deeds website

Visit the Cook County Recorder of Deeds, and register as a user. You can login if you already have an account.

2. Search records by address, PIN, or name

Visit the search portal. Enter the address of the property you own, and click PIN-ADDRESS QUICK SEARCH. Alternatively, you can scroll down to the ADVANCED DOCUMENT SEARCH and search by PIN, address, name, and other attributes. You will see a list of various records associated with your search query.

3. Preview your deed and add it to your cart

Find your deed in the results, and click SHOW DOC. This directs you to a preview page. When ready, you can add the deed to your cart by clicking "Add To Cart." Careful! LargeLots applicants must submit a deed, not a mortgage - please select the correct document.

4. Finalize your order

Click "View Cart," and follow the steps to purchase your deed document.


Your deed must be in PDF or image (JPG, PNG) format. Max size 5mb.

3. Contact information

The City of Chicago will contact you during the application process. Only provide your most up-to-date information.



Email is the primary way the City will communicate with you during the application process! Please provide a functioning email address that you check regularly. Use the same email address on all applications, if you apply more than once.

Your name and ZIP code have been filled in for you. Please check the auto-filled information for accuracy, then complete the remainder of the form.

Does an organization own the deeded property above? If so, check the box and input an organization name.

4. Eligibility and Terms

Program Eligibility

  • You can't owe the City any money, including property taxes, water bills, parking tickets, and any other obligations.
  • Churches are not eligible

Buyer responsibilities

  • You will have to pay property taxes based on the assessed value of your lot. See the FAQ for details
  • You must own the lot for at least 5 years before selling it, but you can develop it at anytime
  • You can't use the lot for commercial purposes


This application is a Statement of Interest only, and does not guarantee that the City of Chicago will transfer ownership of the lots indicated. If this application gets approved, the City will work with the buyer to close the transaction - the property will be transferred "AS IS" via a Quit Claim Deed. The City maintains the right to condition the transfer of the title on the buyer’s acceptance of certain deed restrictions. Restrictions may be included in the deed to ensure properties are maintained in an agreed upon way. If the buyer fails to maintain the property in an agreed upon way, the City may exercise its discretion and take title to the property back from the buyer.

By checking the box below, I certify that the information provided is correct and true to the best of my knowledge. Falsifying or deliberately omitting any information regarding this application will result in immediate termination from the program and/or the City of Chicago seeking remedies available under law.

Questions? Visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page for more information and direct contacts.